MIX: Weathering | Spring 2012

By Zach Hale


So here we are, already a quarter through 2012. The sun is shining brighter, blades of grass turning greener, and, if you live in Texas, the weather turning more volatile. A brief but strange time in this part of the world, Spring is a season of spontaneity and transition which, if you’re not paying attention, can too easily pass you by. But despite its title, these songs are less about the weather and more about perception, both external and internal. They’re about coexistence, growth and perseverance through an inundating downpour, or absorbing every ray of sunshine before it becomes too damaging. Though mostly, it’s about the harmonious sounds we hear every minute of every day. Whether it’s the robins chirruping in your lawn or the pattering rain on your windshield — an intimate moment with your loved one or a crippled, decomposing heart; the music really is all around us. And that’s what I tried to capture here. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Sunny Dunes | Patience (Waiting for the Summer) [00:00] 
  2. Beach House | Myth [04:35]
  3. Hazy Mountains | All Gone Away [08:51]
  4. Frankie Rose | Apples for the Sun [14:43]
  5. Porcelain Raft | Is It Too Deep for You? [18:49]
  6. Oberhofer | HEART [22:38]
  7. Suckers | Turn on the Sunshine [26:48]
  8. Advance Base | Summer Music [30:11]
  9. Lemonade | Neptune [33:36]
  10. Desert Stars | Boys I Like [37:39]
  11. SoKo | I’ve Been Alone Too Long [42:04]
  12. Sophia Knapp | Close to Me [46:46]


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