MP3: Sunny Dunes | “Patience (Waiting for the Summer)”

By Adam Benson

Sunny Dunes, aka 31 year-old French producer Kira Perov, conjures feelings of loss and rebirth in this spring lullaby, sporting a title indicative of the song’s theme. “Patience (Waiting for the Summer)” pulls the listener away from all surrounding chaos and commands relaxation. It’s yoga sans stretching. It’s meditation without ohms.

It begins with waves crashing on a shore, progressively getting louder and louder until sunken under the augmenting singing of a French female singer. The singing loops and repeats as if it was the waves itself. Completely surrounding, environmental, and isolated with a feeling of yearning serving as the base, “Patience” is stripped yet thick, repetitive but purposeful. It’s all kept together with single gentle piano notes and that’s it; and it’s enough. The echoing sounds keep everything together as the song begins to faintly float away leaving the listener alone but comfortable. Kira Perov conducts an abstract, beautiful and reflective feeling of waiting for something more. There is a beauty in patience.

MP3: Sunny Dunes - Patience (Waiting for the Summer)

Hear more at the Sunny Dunes Bandcamp.


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