STREAM: Lambchop | “If Not I’ll Just Die”

By Zach Hale

Lambchop is the esteemed project of Kurt Wagner, a 50-something musical chameleon who’s been writing songs for a quarter-century-plus. Over the years, Wagner’s music has been defined as alt-country, Americana, lounge, jazz and, according to Last.FM tags, “kickasstic”. His acclaimed 2008 LP - OH (Ohio) - is a pensive, meticulously crafted batch of songs best absorbed in the breeze, and also served as my long overdue introduction to Wagner and his ensemble of instrumentalists. Next February, Merge Records will release Lambchop’s 11th studio album, Mr. M, and all signs indicate a continuation of the thought-provoking sophistication we’ve come to expect from Wagner. “If Not I’ll Just Die”, the album’s string-heavy, Louis Armstrong-esque first single, is available to stream below.

Mr. M is out February 21st via Merge.

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